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Before his European work, Ken Clark had experienced modest success in American productions such as "Love Me Tender", "South Pacific" and, "Attack of The Giant Leeches". His spy films, on the other hand, are among the best of the genre. He partnered with Italien Director Sergio Grieco to play secret agent 077 Dick Malloy in a series of four (4) action-packed spy genre films (Ala-007 James Bond). In this rare European spy film. "From The Orient With Fury" his first and (One of The Better of The Four) has secret agent 077 on a mission to recue the brilliant Professor Kurtz, his notes and formula for his invention of a disintegrating ray gun. Highly recommended with plenty of action, and adventure in this Eurospy flick, starring Ken Clark, and Margaret Lee (As His Sidekick Clandestine Agent), this is the complete Uncut English Dubbed Version. 1965 Color 95 Minutes on DVD-R.

077 From The Orient With Fury (1965) Ken Clark EUROSPY

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