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Here we have the fourth and the last of the Secret Agent 077 series, Missione Speciale Lady Chaplin), (Spanish: Operacion Lady Chaplin), (French: L'affaire Lady Chaplin) was a 1966 Italien-French-Spanish Eurospy film directed by Alberto De Martino and Sergio Grieco. This is Ken Clark's most "Bondian" adventure as CIA special agent Dick Malloy, it's full of gadgetry and has a "Fleming Feel" to the plot, with exotic locations, international intrigue, and Daniela Bianchi of (007 Fame) as a fashion expert and professional lady killer, how can you go wrong with this Eurospy film. Starring Ken Clark and Daniela Bianchi, English Dubbed. 1966 Color 97 Minutes on DVD-R.

077 Special Mission Lady Chaplin (1966) Ken Clark Eurospy

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