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A Turkish secret agent is given the task of taking down a sinister villain who is hell bent on destroying Turkey with a nuclear explosion (device). The most entertaining aspect about Turkey is their unabashed take on popular cinema from around the world. One of the most successful series of film’s during the 1960’s was the James Bond films. By the time Altin çocuk was conceived there had already been numerous James Bond clones and Spy film genre was at the height of its popularity. Altin çocuk bears more than a few striking similarities to the James Bond films. With the most obvious similarities being a villain who looks a lot of Ernst Stavro Blofeld and the opening scene from Thunderball is also integrated into this film. These are just a few of the more obvious moments lifted from the James Bond film series. For a spy film that the plot is grandiose. If you have seen your fare share of spy film’s it doesn’t take long to see where things are going. Despite its familiarity the plot moves along briskly enough. Besides the prototype super secret agent and rogues gallery of villains. The film also features plenty of eye candy as the female cast are fully exploited for maximum effect. Performance wise the hero of the story Golden Boy who is portrayed by Göksel Arsoy has the presence one would expect from someone portraying a secret agent. While Altan Günbay is pitch perfect in the role of Golden Boy’s nemesis. Ultimately Altin çocuk is a fun film that fans of spy film genre are sure to thoroughly enjoy.  Highly recommended for all the Eurospy fans, with the entire feel of American James Bond film to incude; the villians, the babes, the exotic locales, to include London, England and the cool cars. Golden Boy is in the original Turkish Language with English Subtitles and includes an interview with Altan Gunbay and an additional DVD with a short featurette comparing "Altin Cocuk" with our James Bond films . Starring Goksel Arsoy as (Golden Boy) and Altan Gunbay as the Nemesis (villian). Note: This was a very limited and rare film when released in theatres shown in short circulation and then not seen for over 50 years and released internationally on DVD with only 500 copies made for distribution. 1966 B&W 86 Minutes on DVD-R.

"Altin Cocuk" (Golden Boy) 1966 Turkish James Bond Eurospy

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