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Here we have the first action/sci-fi/spy-thriller and the third film shot in color for our masked avenger, "Blue Demon", from 1968 "Blue Demon: Destructor of Spies". The future of the world rests on Blue Demon's shoulders yet again when crazy a scientist creates a mind-control machine and put an evil plan in motion. They want the people in the world largely wiped out. Blue Demon jumps into action, to thwart their evil plans. This time, it's a spy-movie with a sci-fi twist about the adventures of this Mexican Luchador and Professional Wrestler. Starring, Blue Demon, Carlos East and Maura Monti, Uncut Spanish Version with English Subtitles. 1968 Color 85 Minutes on DVD-R.

Blue Demon: Destructor of Spies (1968) Lucha/Spies

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