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Two people are murdered, and a professor believes it may be the work of a local werewolf. Legendary wrestler Blue Demon joins the professor in hunting the beast, and destroys it in battle. However, it turns out that a mad doctor had created the monster, and it may not be the only one. This Atmospheric horror film was the first starring role for Blue Demon under the direction of the great and legendary Mexican Horror Director Chano Urueta. Blue Demon's very first appearance was in a cameo role for the 1961 film, "Asesinos De La Lucha Libre" (The Killers of Wrestling). He appeared in several scenes, he is shown fighting in the ring with his tag-team partner, "Black Shadow"; Los Hermanos Shadow (as they were called) actually defeated the mighty "Santo" in the ring in the early 1950's, and Blue Demon later went on to star in a wrestling lucha-horror film series of his own that rivalled even Santo's motion picture career. This very first starring film for Blue Demon has him fighting a centuries old Werewolf from Transylvania in a mansion very similar to the one from "Santo Vs. The Vampire Women". The movie / film also starred Jaime Fernandez, Rosa Maria Vazquez Fernando Oses and Lobo Negro . Now for the first time the Uncut Spanish Version with English Subtitles. *NOTE* this film is very scarce and hard to find due to being locked away in director Chano Urueta's Vault thus, the quality is a bit soft however, it's the best out there as other prints do not have the English Subtitles. 1965 B&W 80 Minutes on DVD-R. 

"Blue Demon" (El Demonio Azul) 1965 Lucha Horror

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