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This is the 2nd Blue Demon film for Director Chano Urueta, and the first for "El Santo" as a guest apearance in the film for producer Luis Enrique Vergara, (Santo was under contract for 4 films). In 1914, serial killer Gustavo is sentenced to death, but he cheats the executioner by placing himself in a cataleptic state, hoping to revive himself and escape from the morgue. But the prison officials bury him immediately; Gustavo is buried alive. However, he only has to wait 50 years before a couple of grave robbers decide to dig him up. He escapes and stars killing again. His first victim is Raul, the cousin of Blue Demon..and the rest is non-stop action against the forces of the supernatural. Great! horror elements for the 2nd Blue Demon film and Santo's first guest appearance with Blue, he would go on later to make many tag-team partners with Blue Demon in other horror films. Uncut Spanish Version with English Subtitles, starring Blue Demon, Santo, and Maria Elena Cervantes. 1964 B/W 75 Minutes on DVD-R.

Blue Demon Vs. The Satanic Power (El Poder Satanico) 1964

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