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"Dead Body on Broadway" (Todesschusse Am Broadway) from 1969 was the alternate title to "Broadways Deadly Gold" and the final color film of the G-Man Jerry Cotton series once again starring American actor George Nader in the last German Thriller film. As with all the G-Man Jerry Cotton films that were shot in NYC, for his final mission, Cotton is called in to investigate a crime on "Broadway" because a fellow G-Man has died a mysterious death while working undercover, to discover a large booty from a recently commited huge robbery.  Going out with a big bang! G-Man Jerry Cotton manages to catch the gang "Eurospy" style. Great Final film of the series, starring George Nader as G-Man Jerry Cotton, including both the English Dubbed and German language version with subtiles and a slideshow presentation. 1969 Color 90 Minutes on DVD-R.

"Broadways Deadly Gold" G-Man Jerry Cotton (1969)

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