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Crime on the Hill is a 1933 British mystery film directed by Bernard Vorhaus and starring Sally Blane, Nigel Playfair and Lewis Casson. The plot was based on a successful play by Jack de Leon and Jack Celestin. It was made by British International Pictures at Welwyn Studios in autumn 1933. Suspense and wry humor abound in this classic murder mystery thriller set in an English country house- one of the first films made in Britain by influential American director Bernard Vorhaus, with a cast that includes former child star Sally Blane, acclaimed British player Lewis Casson and comedy stalwartsHay Petrie and Hal Gordon. Released in 1933, "Crime on The Hill" is the first Pre-Code film featured here in  a brand-new transfer from the original film elements, and in it's exhibited theatrical aspect ratio and, features an image gallery and original script PDF. 1933 B/W British Crime Mystery Thriller 63 Minutes on DVD-R


Crime on The Hill 1933 Pre-Code British Mystery Thriller

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