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Curse of The Undead is a 1959 American Western Horror film from Universal International Pictures, directed by Edward Dein and stars Eric Fleming, Michael Pate, and Kathleen Crowley. This was Universal's first and only venture in a western-vampire-horror film, with a Mexican Version titled "Pueblo Fantasma" (Ghost Town) made 6 years later, see our Mexican horror version for a description. In an old western town, young girls are dying of a mysterious disease with their bodies drained of blood. The next day, a black-clad stranger called Drake Robey arrives at the carter ranch looking for work and the opportunity to go after doctor Carter's daughter seeking her blood as we come to find out that Drake Robey is really a "Vampire". Highly recommended Universal Western Horror and great! story-line envolving the vampire count. Uncut Version includes the original movie trailer. 1959 B/W 79 Minutes on DVD-R.

Curse of The Undead (1959) Western Horror

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