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Here we have a very rare silent D.W. Griffith period silent classic, from 1929 "Lady of The Pavements". Karl von Arnim (William Boyd), military attache' with the Prussian legation at Paris, breaks his engagement to the beautiful French Countess Diane des Granges (Jetta Goudal) because she is unfathful and in a fit of anger declares that he would rather marry a woman of the streets. Enraged, Diane conspires with Baron Finot (Albert Conti), Napoleon III's chamberlain, to arrange for Karl to meet Nanon del Rayon (Lupe Velez), a singer at The Smoking Dog cabaret, in the guise of a real lady. this was the 5th film after "The Gaucho" for Lupe Velez and the only film directed by D.W Griffith. A great romantic perod film which has been rarely seen for over 80 years, and an early (Wiiliam Boyd) film who later on went to become (Hopolong Cassidy). **Note** Parts of this film were shot with sound, and was considered a part-talkie however, certain reels were lost and what remains is the title credit soundtrack song sung by Lupe Velez. 1929 B/W Silent 85 Minutes on DVD-R.

D.W. Griffith's "Lady of The Pavements" (1929) Lupe Velez (Silent)

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