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Danger!! Death Ray is a 1967 Italien Eurospy secret agent spy film Starring Gordon Scott of Tarzan and Sword and Sandal fame. The film was released at a time when the James Bond films, and spy films were very popular internationally. It's original Italien title was "II Raggio Infernale" which translates as "The Infernal Ray", and was also released in English as "Nest of Spies and Death Ray". Secret Agent Bart Fargo is given an assignment of retrieving a scientific "Death Ray" built by Scientist Jean Karl Michael after the ray was stolen from a Top Secret Nato Meeting and the chase is on, for Agent Fargo to stop the enemy from destroying the world with the ray. This is a really great! Eurospy film and remains to be a Cult Favorite of the only two (2) Eurospy films that Gordon Scott did, the other being, "Top Secret". With Sci Fi elements, this Eurospy flick is a must have for the fans. Starring Gordon Scott and Maureen Delphy English Dubbed Version. 1967 In Color 93 Minutes on DVD-R.

Danger!! Death Ray Gordon Scott (1967) Eurospy

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