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Based on the novel "The Eliminator" by Andrew York, this Eurospy film is one of the unsung gems of the genre. This was an "AMICUS" production directed by Seth Holt, it was the only spy film in his short career, although he had previously worked on the "Danger Man" and "Espionage" television series Holt started one more film, "Curse of The Mummy's Tomb", but didn't finish it due to his untimely death. Danger Route stars Richard Johnson who was Terence Young's first pick to become agent 007 James Bond however, Johnson turned down the role and it went to Sean Connery and the rest is history.  This is a great Eurospy film with plenty of action, as british secret agent Jonas Wilde (Johnson) goes on an assignment to kill a defector that will cause great damage to the brits and the american's. Highly recommended, with Richard Johnson, Carol Lynley, and Diana Dors. 1968 Color 95 minutes on DVD-R.

Danger Route AKA ( La Ruta Peligrosa ) 1968

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