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Made in the early days of Mexican sound cinema, this vividly stylized gothic horror melodrama hinges on an audacious, ahead-of-its-time flashback structure from 1934 we have "Two Monks" (Dos Monjes). When the ailing monk Javier recognizes a brother newly arrived at his cloister, he inexplicably becomes deranged and attacks him. What causes his madness? Director Juan Bustillo Oro recounts the two men’s shared past—a tragic rivalry over the love of a woman—twice, once from the point of view of each, heightening the contrasts between their accounts with visual flourishes drawn from the language of German expressionism. With its gothic sets, elaborate lighting, and daring camera work by avant-garde photographer Agustín Jiménez, Dos monjes is a broodingly intense outlier in early Mexican cinema, plumbing the depths of psychological torment and existential mystery with experimental horror verve. We have a return performance by Carlos Villatoro, who was in another horror film also, from 1934 "El Fantasma Del Convento" (The Phantom of The Convent) another creepy film also about monastery monks. This is a pioneer film in one of Mexico's early horror genre. This is the Uncut Spanish Version with English Subtitles, starring Carlos Villatoro and Emma Roldan. 1934 B&W 85 Minutes on DVD-R.

Dos Monjes (Two Monks) 1934 Gothic Mexi-Horror

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