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Five Golden Dragons is a 1967 international co-production comedy action film set in Hong Kong and photographed in Techniscope on location in September 1966 at the Tiger Balm Pagoda and Shaw Brothers studios. It was directed by Jeremy Summers and starred Bob Cummings in his final theatrical feature film, Margaret Lee who sings two songs in the film, Rupert Davies and a cast of "guest stars" to include Christopher Lee, Margaret Lee, Rubert Davies, Klaus Kinski, Maria Rohm, Brian Donlevy, Dan Duryea, Maria Perschy, and George Raft to name a few; the cast speaks for itself. The film was produced and written (under pen name Peter Welbeck) by Harry Alan Towers and co-stars his wife Maria Rohm as one of the three female leads. The film features a minor connection to Edgar Wallace's short stories by using his Commissioner Sanders as an officer in the Royal Hong Kong Police with Towers using Wallace's name to attract funds from international film investors. The Five Golden Dragons are an international criminal gold trafficking secret society syndicate based in Hong Kong. They plan to break up after selling their criminal enterprise to the Mafia for US $50 million. However the members of the group fear the greed of each other in receiving their share of the profits. Visiting American playboy Bob Mitchell, as well as sisters Ingrid and Margret, become targets of killer Gert and his murderous accomplices, while Shakespeare-quoting police commissioner Sanders and his subordinate, Inspector Chiao investigate the matter. There is plenty of "EUROSPY" elements here and illicit gold-trafficking and drugs envolving the Global Crime Syndicate. This is truly a rare British Crime Thriller just to see all these stars together in one film. The film is presented here in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements and in it's exhibited theatrical aspect ratio with special features included of an BECTU audio interview with director Jeremy Summers, from 2001, Original Theatrical Trailer, Image Gallery, and Promotional Material on PDF. 1967 Color British Euro-Crime Thriller 104 Minutes on DVD-R.

Five Golden Dragons 1967 British Spy Thriller

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