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The Fuller Report (Italien: Rapporto Fuller, Base Stoccolma, (French: Trahison a Stockholm) is a 1967 Italien-French Eurospy film directed by Sergio Grieco and stars American Actor Ken Clark as Dick Worth, an American race car driver in Stockholm to put on an exhibition that his boss Bennet hopes will result in orders for cars. At least that's what Worth believes. Worth gets drawn into a CIA business when he is mistaken for a spy. and takes on the job of recovering "The Fuller Report", CIA information about an assassination plot. This is a great! Eurospy film with plenty of action and adventure as Dick Worth becomes a Secret Agent on the mission of recovering the "Report". Starring Ken Clark (who had the lead role in 1959's Attack of The Giant Leeches), and Beba Loncar, English Dubbed Version. 1967 Color 91 Minutes on DVD-R.

"Fuller Report" Ken Clark (1967) Eurospy

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