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This film is considered to be the best Shaw Brothers Spy Adventure film from 1967. Yes, it's 1967, when the James Bond craze was at it's height. Sean Connery may have been 007, but virtually every major movie market had their own variation, and Hong Kong was no exception, Since "9" is one of the luckiest numbers in Chinese lore, it's not surprising that, here, Interpol operative"009" is as adept with casinos and cars as he is with girls and guns. His battle with murdering counterfeiters climaxes in an explosive finale. For fans, this film is "From Hong Kong With Love"...!"

Many familiar Shaw Brothers Martial Arts stars in this one, Chinese With English Subtitles. 1967 Color 92 Minutes on DVD-R.

Interpol 009 1967 (Shaw Brothers) Eurospy

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