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James Tont was a popular Italien Secret Agent played by comedian Lando Buzzanca in two films doing broad spoofs of two 007 films, "Thunderball" and "Goldfinger". Here is the second film of the only two that Buzzanca did, "Operazione D.U.O." or "Operation 2". In this Eurospy Spoof Agent James Tont takes on the evil villian ala Thunderball complete with a glass monocle eye instead of a patch and looks very much like Adolfo Celi, underwater sequences, gadgets galore, and of course the Femme Fatales.  This is a funny spy spoof (If you like the Pink Panther Series) you will enjoy this one, In Italien With English Subtitles. 1965 Color 88 Minutes on DVD-R.   

James Tont Operazione D.U.E. 1966

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