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Starting in the 1960's, a series of eight films based on the Jerry Cotton novels were made, the first four in black-and-white, the last four in color. The character of G-Man Jerry Cotton was played by American actor George Nader, and his companion Phil Decker was played by German actor Heinz Weis. The films music was composed by Peter Thomas including the famous "Jerry Cotton March" heard in the opening credits of the films and throughout the films. George Nader is best remembered for his first starring role, the low-budget 3-D sci-fi film "Robot Monster" (1953) known as "one of the worst films ever made. it was in the early 60's that Nader traveled to Germany and made the eight "Jerry Cotton" films playing an FBI "G" Man from NYC on espionage cases. Here we have the first color film of the series, "Body in Central Park", which is kind of strange when the German title "De Moordenaarsclub Van Brooklyn" is the main story out of Brooklyn. Great! Film with plenty of "Eurospy" action, Starring George Nader as G-Man Jerry Cotton, including the English Dubbed Version and the original German Language Version with a Slideshow presentation. 1967 Color 90 Minutes on DVD-R.

Jerry Cotton "G" Man "Body in Central Park" (1967)

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