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Here is the 4th Adventure of the Kommissar "X" Eurospy series, "Death Trip".  Filmed in Turkey, agents Tom and Joe travel to Instanbul to bring a shipment of LSD to be used by the American Armed Forces stationed in Turkey for undisclosed purposes, WOW!! Let's keep the troops HAPPY!. When the shipment is stolen by the criminal organization known as "The Green Hounds" the agents team up to recover the shipment. This is the first time in the Eurospy Kommissar "X" series where "DRUGS" is the mission and the main story. Great film! shot on location with lot's of ACTION!. Once again, starring Tony Kendall and Brad Harris, English Dubbed. 1967 Color 88 Minutes on DVD-R. 

Kommissar "X" Death Trip 1967 Eurospy

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