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La Bruja ("The Witch") is a 1954 Mexican film. It was directed by Chano Urueta. With stunning and atmospheric photography by Victor Herrera, this film had the complete feel of the early "Universal" horror films from the late 40's and the early 50's. A brilliant doctor creates an incredible formula but refused to sell it to an important pharmaceutical company and the company in revenge, kills the doctor's daughter. The scientist consumed by a terrible pain, decided to plan a sinister vengeance. In order to do so he found a horrible woman known as the witch. He used all his scientific knowledge to create a system to convert the woman into a beauty. The witch is introduced to the pharmaceutical company with success and she fell in love with one of the top executives, but the problem is that the formula only lasts for a short period of time. Great early Mexican Horror Classic written by horror master Alfredo Salazar and highly recommended, starring Ramon Gay, Lilia Del Valle as the "Witch" and Julio Villarreal, Uncut Spanish Version with English Subtitles. 1954 B&W 90 Minutes on DVD-R.

La Bruja (The Witch) 1954 Ramon Gay

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