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Directed by Fernando Mendez, this is considered to the holy grail and the first Mexican horror film in 1956, one year before he would go on to direct "El Vampiro". Policeman Carlos (Wolf Ruvinskis) investigates the mysterious theft of dead bodies. A lottery salesman by the name of Don Panchito and his assistant are taking the bodies back to his secret lab where he attempts to bring them back to life performing a monkey brain transplant, (SOUNDS FAMILIAR!). This is the beggining of many Mexican Horror and Lucha Libre films with this theme that started with this film. No Spoilers Here!, this also happened to be one of Forry Ackerman's favorite Mexican horror film and decided to write the article and publish the famous iconic monster photo that is in Famous Monsters#1.  B/W from 1956 Uncut Spanish Version W/English Subtitles on DVD-R.

Ladron De Cadaveres (The Body Snatchers) 1956

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