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From Italien director and writer, Hugo Grimaldi and storyline by Arthur C. Pierce comes this rare and obscure Sci-Fi Classic by the Woolner Brothers in 1965. "Mutiny In Outer Space", tells the story of a team of astronauts on an expedition moon's lunar ice caves and how they contract a deadly moon-fungus and soon the creeping fungus starts killing off the astronauts as they stop-off at a space station, where they contaminate the space station with the fungus, which soon begins to take over the entire station. As the alien organism spreads, it turns the space staion into a floating hell!! sort of and like "THE GREEN SLIME!!". This film was never released in the USA commercially, only in Italy and Germany, we have for you now the complete uncut Europeean version with the original English Soundtrack. Starring William Leslie, Dolores Faith, and Harold Lloyd Jr. 1965 B/W 82 Minutes Horror/Sci-Fi on DVD-R.

Mutiny In Outer Space (1965) William Leslie

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