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Here is a great horror thriller from Mexican Film Director Miguel M. Delgado. After directing many classic "Cantinflas" comedy's, Delgado decided to take on horror films with this the first from 1958. The stage magician Egle Elohim (played by Nadia Haro Oliva) offers a magic show that is causing a sensation in old archaeology professor who comes to see her act in the theater, who is also a great specialist in the history of magic, witchcraft, and ancient rituals suspects Egle of being a witch and casting hypnotic spells upon her victims. Great classic horror with Carlos Riquelme, and Aldo Monti (From Dracula Fame) uncut spanish version with english subtitles. 1958 B/W 86 Minutes on DVD-R.

Mysteries of Black Magic (Misterios De La Magia Negra) 1958

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