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Originally titled Neutron el Enmascarado Negro, the Mexican melodrama stars the legendary "mystery wrestler" Neutron (said to have been played by Wolf Ruvinskis, but who can tell?) Mad scientist Dr. Caronte (Julio Aleman) develops a neutron bomb, in hopes of taking over the world-or, at least, Guadalajara. With the help of his rassler pals, Neutron vanquishes Caronte and neutralizes his neutrons. That settles that, right? Wrong: less than a year later, a sequel to Neutron and the Black Mask appeared, with Caronte up to his old tricks. Latvian-born actor and fighter Wolf Ruvinskis ("Knockout", "The Rape of the Sabine Women") is the protagonist of this film that combines science fiction and Mexican wrestling, a trend that would end up becoming very prolific in the country's cinema. Thanks to the popularity achieved on the big screen by famous masked wrestlers, such as Santo or Blue Demon, many producers launched to promote films that had one of these professionals as their commercial hook. However, Neutron was not the Ruvinskis character in the ring, but was created exclusively for his film career. Dr. Charon and his group of mad scientists build a neutron bomb with which they try to blackmail the free world to gain global power. But the hero, Neutron, appears, who, with the help of Dr. Thomas and the reporter Nora, spoil such plans. Film composed of the following episodes:- The black masked man- Charon triumphs and- The diabolical invention. This is the first of four films in the "Neutron" series. Starring Wolf Ruvinskis, Julio Aleman, Rosita Arenas and Armando Silvestre, This is the English Dubbed Version. 1960 B&W 72 Minutes on DVD-R.

Neutron And The Black Mask (1960) Lucha Sci Fi

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