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Neutron Vs. Doctor Caronte,  (Neutron Vs. El Dr. Caronte) 1960, was the third and final film in the "Trilogy" of Dr. Caronte and the Neutron Bomb, as Neutron, a superhero/wrestler, goes up against a mad scientist and his army of monsters. This action, sci-fi, horror thriller has Neutrón, the black masked avenger in another adventure! Looks like in the previous movie someone tried to kill Dr. Caronte (no wonder, he was pure evil!), because here in the beginning we find out he did not die. He shows up in his secret liar surprising even his assistant, a little guy who apparently needs help to walk, because Dr. Caronte takes his hand and off they go all over the lab back and forth always by the hand... this shocked me. I was sure Dr Caronte was evil, cruel and cold blooded psycho able to make zombies and robots even more dangerous than himself? And here he goes, by the hand of the little assistant all the time... Mh! Something smells fishy here... anyway... Caronte has, in the brief time between surviving the explosion and getting to the secret Lab, already killed three of the most brilliant scientists so now there's only one left and he will recycle those three bodies to make three killer zombies and go after him. Remember, Caronte, is not only a wrestler, he is a D-O-C-T-O-R. This is a great!! third and final film in the "Dr. Caronte-Neutron" series as we see how the evil masked doctor bakes his zombies in an oven...Huh!!, well you have to see the film to believe it. Starring Neutron, Wolf Ruvinskis, Julio Aleman, and Armando Silvestre, Uncut English Dubbed Version. 1960 B&W 80 Minutes on DVD-R.

Neutron Vs. Doctor Caronte (1960) Horror Sci-Fi

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