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This Neutron film was the fourth film in a series of five total films under the Luchador name "Neutron". This was the only luchador masked wrestler that actually never wrestled in the ring in any of his five pictures, as he was defending and trying to save the world from evil doctors, mad scientists, zombie robots, a Jack The Ripper homicidal character, and, Karate Killers. Neutron Vs. The Maniac unravels as Neutron, a wrestler/superhero, investigates a series of murders at a sanitarium and mental hospital and a mysterious.....figure that looks like a "Zorro" character with cape and victorian hat very similar to "Jack The Ripper" that is commiting the murders with a trademark "Ripper Knife". This Action, Sci Fi, Thriller was the first of the final two "Neutron" films as we do not see the infamous Dr. Caronte and his evil army of robot zombies, and in the final two features, Neutron's mask has a single white stripe coming down the middle of his mask and not the traditional "Lightning Bolts" from the first three films. The Last film was entitled "Neutron Vs. The Karate Killers" (or assassins) who battles a gang of robotic assassins who use their hands and feet as deadly weapons. This action mystery thriller is actually a very good "Neutron" film and recommended for the "Neutron" fans. Starring Neutron, Wolf Ruvinskis, Gina Romand, and Chucho Salinas, Uncut English Dubbed Version. 1964 B&W 81 Minutes on DVD-R.

Neutron Vs. The Maniac (1964)

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