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This was the first of the OSS 117 Eurospy Series, based on the books by Jean Bruce. As such, it was one of the swiftest off the mark among the Post-Bond franchises--and with it's final installment of the series in 1969, it was also the longest lasting as it had more of a feel to the late 50's noir than a mid-60's spy film. OSS 117 boasts great location work, filming nice shots in Corsica and the presence of plentiful underwater action anticipates that of "Thunderball". Overall, OSS 117 is a great! first entry in the series and recommended. Starring Kerwin Matthews, and Nadia Sanders, Uncut French Version with English Subtitles. 1963 B/W 110 Minutes on DVD-R. 

O.S.S. 117 Is Unleashed (1963) Kerwin Matthews EUROSPY

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