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Another touchtone of the Eurospy genre, "Operation Double 007" better known as "Operation Kid Brother" or, "OK Connery" from 1967 was the perfect Bond copy and entertaining as any of the legitimate Bond films.  This was the first time out for Neil Connery ( brother of Sean) and it was the only spy movie in his mini-movie career. He manages just fine as the Super-Surgeon turned Super-Spy. Surrounded by exotic locations, gadgets, beautiful women, and villians as good as Adolfo Celi, Daniela Bianchi, Bernard Lee, and Lois Maxwell ( not as Moneypenny) makes this film a great Eurospy hit not available on DVD. 1967 English Dubbed Color 105 Minutes on DVD-R.

Operation Double 007 AKA ( OK Connery ) 1967

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