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OSS 117 – Double Agent (also known as OSS 117: Murder for Sale or No Roses for OSS 117 (Pas de Roses pour OSS 117) is a 1968 Eurospy film about agent OSS 117, this time around starring John Gavin. Frederick Stafford did not reprise his role as he was filming Alfred Hitchcock's Topaz and was replaced by John Gavin. The film used an idea of having the hero undergo plastic surgery to fool his enemies, an idea discarded by the film On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) that was being filmed at the same time. The film was shot in Rome and Tunisia. It was known during production as No Roses for Robert. The film was a huge success at the box office in France – the 40th most popular film of the year. It was not released in the US despite Gavin's presence in the lead role. However the film did help Gavin be cast, briefly, as James Bond in Diamonds Are Forever (1971). There would be two more OSS 117 films, (OSS 117 takes a vacation), 1970, directed by Pierre Kalfon, starring Luc Merenda, and a made for TV film, OSS 117 tue le taon [TV],1971, directed by André Lerouxs, starring Alan Scott. The OSS 117 Eurospy films are truly enjoyable spy flicks to watch and highly recommended. Starring John Gavin, Margaret Lee, and Curd Jurgens, French Language version with English Subtitles. 1968 Color 103 Minutes on DVD-R.


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