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Here we have an obscure 3-part Mexican Horror film from 1966 very similar to the British Amicus Horror Anthology stories which takes place in 3 parts. The first part has an attractive, nightgown-clad young woman fleeing through the forrest with a witch in hot pursuit who's brandishing a very sharp knife, why is the woman running? why is the witch after her? this first story has a very weird and twisting end. The second part has two men fleeing a plague of some sort after burying a woman and deciding to flee the area in a canoe something or someone is stalking them through the woods. The third and final part has to do with a scientist and his cat who both ingest some chemicals by accident and gives them the appearance of being dead (Premature Burial??). Director Julian Soler and Ramon Obon of many Mexican Western Horror films put together a great film in this horror anthology. starring Joaquin Cordero and Anna Martin, Uncut Spanish Version With English Subtitles. 1966 Color 85 Minutes on DVD-R.

Panico 1966 Mexican Trilogy Horror

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