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This film follows a pretty well worn trail, for the 50's and 60's low budget science fiction in outer space. But for an outside of the US film it holds up very well against films like it of the time. This film follows "Planet of The Female Invaders" as a companion piece in a very similar Sci-Fi adventure. Directed once again by veteran Mexican filmmaker, Alfredo B. Crevenna, his low budget films set the tone for many to come in the years ahead, with a sparse but effectively strange music score. There is one token scene with Mexican boxers--not wrestlers. The space ship interior has a unique design the special effects of space and a blaster gun that is great. The alien planet buildings are made up of what looks like parts from a Roman movie and occasionally resorts to still photos for backgrounds. You have to accept this part of the movie as you would a Star Trek episode from the same era, and the Flash Gordon type costumes are actually pretty cool looking. There is some political intrigue and counter culture alien society elements that figure into the plot. Starring Guillermo Murray, Adriana Roel, and Rogelio Guerra, Uncut Spanish Version with English Subtitles. 1966 B&W 88 Minutes on DVD-R.

Planet of The Giants (1966) Mexican Sc-Fi

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