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Here is another team-up of "Santo" and "Blue Demon" in a entertaining Crime Thriller film. shot in Miami with plenty of wrestling action and the appearance of "El Enmascarado Negro" (The Black Mask) in a wrestling match against Santo, and "Blue Demon" wrestling the legendary "Cavernario Galindo. There are horror elements in this film as, a grave-robbing mad scientist attempts to revive the corpse of dead women to make zombie sex slaves out of them. Overall, a very entertaining film to watch in the "Santo-Blue Demon" series. Starring Santo, Blue Demon, Elsa Cardenas, and Victor Junco, Uncut Spanish Version with English Subtitles. 1972 Color 95 Minutes on DVD-R. 

"Santo And Blue Demon" The Beasts of Terror (1972) Lucha Libre

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