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Here we have the 2nd "Origen" story of El Santo, from 1964, "El Hacha Diabolica" (The Diabolical Hatchet), like "El Baron Brakola" and "Attack of The Witches", the film contains extensive flashback scenes to colonial times which feature a Santo-ancestor. El Hacha Diabolica includes a sort of Santo "origen scene", in which an ordinary man (whose face is never shown, however) is magically transformed into Santo El Enmascarado De Plata, complete with his 20th-century wrestling outfit. It's also interesting to note that "El Hacha Diabolica" contains a Santo-unmasked scene, in which an uncredited actor pulls off his silver mask and kisses Betty Gonzales: he's only shown 3/4 face but it's fairly obvious that this isn't Rodolfo Guzman Huerta. This is also the first Santo film in which he has a girlfriend thus, the romantic car scene. The film contains mystical elements and the chief menace--a black-hooded axeman (Fernando Oses) who magically appears and tries to chop Santo's head off. The film suggest that Santo's mask has supernatural powers, and had more than one mask, which was created by a magician in the 17th centuryand given to the first Santo: as each Santo retires, he turns over his mask to his son, who assumes the role, see: (Santo Vs The King of Crime For The First Origen). This is a great Santo film with horror and supernatural elements till the very end, HIGHLY!! Recommended to continue Santo's Origen. Starring Lorena Velasquez and Fernando Oses, Uncut Spanish Version With English Subtitles. 1964 B/W 96 Minutes on DVD-R. 

Santo And The Diabolical Hatchet (El Hacha Diabolica) 1964

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