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THE LAST OF SANTO: these two films, shot in Florida (beginning 17 September 1981), were the last two starring films of El Santo. Furia is a sequel to Puño: both films basically concern the struggle between two sisters (both played by the statuesque Grace Renat--the good sister wears a white fur bikini, and the bad sister wears a black fur bikini) to control a "crystal of power." Also mixed in the plot is the "Niña de la Selva" (the Jungle Girl), who apparently fell from space with the crystal as a child (and who returns to the great beyond at the end of the second film). Santo and his sidekick Cliff (Carlos Suárez) align themselves with the good sister, while Tinieblas is the chief henchman of the bad sister. The films are set in an unspecified Eastern jungle kingdom, and the "karate" aspects of the titles are justified (barely) by the presence of Martin Short-lookalike Steve Cheng as a martial arts expert. Unfortunately, despite the presence of Santo, Tinieblas, and Cheng, the action scenes in the films are impressive. It is quite nice to watch Santo wrestle: in Furia, he has 3 listless fights with Tinieblas, and one (slightly better) match against Cheng. In Puño he has one unimpressive "real" wrestling bout (in the ring) and some very mild action scenes later (in one sequence, however, an opponent gets caught up in an airplane's propeller and is chopped in half, an unusually gory scene for a Santo picture). Technically, both Puño and Furia are pretty good. The split-screen work (showing Renat as both sisters at the same time, a very few shots) is extremely crude, and other shots are marred by smudges on the camera lens, etc. The bad Renat creates a monster, who is impersonated by a barrel-chested man with little tufts of hair all over his torso (making him look like he is polka-dotted) and cheesy facial makeup. In Furia, he is joined by a couple of other guys in off-the-rack gorilla costumes. The end of the silver masked legend from Mexico and his dynasty has been completed. a must-have if you are "Santo-Completist" in acquiring his final films. Starring "Santo", "Tinieblas" and Grace Renat, Uncut Spanish Version with English Subtitles. 1982 Color 90 Minutes on DVD-R.

Santo And The Fist of Death (1982) Final Film

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