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Here is a slick and entertaining entry in the Santo series, "Santo y Blue Demon Contra El Dr. Frankenstein" (Santo and Blue Demon Vs. Dr. Frankenstein). This film has a very nice plot as innocent women are being kidnapped and used as guinea pigs for a brain transplant experiment as the diaboilical Dr. Frankenstein continues his quest to perfect the brain transplant to bring back his deceased wife at any cost...even if it means paying with the lives of others. "El Santo" and "Blue Demon" are called in to help when, their friend, Alicia, becomes Dr. Frankenstein's next target. There are many similarities when you compare the monsters in this film with the two monsters in "Santo Contra La Hija De Frankenstein" (Santo Vs. Frankenstein's Daughter) from 1971. This is a great team-up between Santo and Blue Demon as they take on the Mad-Man-Scientist Dr. Frankenstein. Highly recommended, starring Santo, Blue Demon, and Sasha Montenegro, Uncut Spanish Version with English Subtitles. Color 1973 90 Minutes on DVD-R.

Santo & Blue Demon Vs. Dr. Frankenstein (1973) Lucha Libre Horror

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