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ALC stands for “Azteca Lobby Card”. ALC’s are 11”x14” posters which were produced to hang inside lobbies of movie theaters. They were produced in sets of 8 different cards for each movie ( occasionally, there are 12 cards in the set). They are printed on heavy ‘card stock’ paper, with an actual B&W photo affixed right on the card. This attached photo pictures a scene from the movie. Two companies produced this type of lobby card: Azteca and Clasa-Mohme. We refer to these cards as “Azteca Lobby Cards.” These very Hard-to Find lobby cards were printed in the United States - to be used in American Spanish-Language theaters. For most Mexican films, they were the only U.S. posters ever produced and are highly sought after by collectors. They feature completely different artwork than standard Mexican lobby cards. The Border Art is the same on all cards of the set, only the attached photo-scene is different. Here we have ALC#A1069 Santo contra El Rey Del Crimen (1961, aka - Santo Vs The King of Crime) Classic Lucha Libre Lobby Card has a superb portrait of the masked hero, oddly enough, Santo is portrayed with a green mask!. Photo is of Rene Cardona and Santo as a child, (This was one of Santo’s Origen Films).

Santo Contra El Rey Del Crimen (Santo Vs The King of Crime (1961) Lobby Card

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