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Here we have the first Santo film under producer-director, Luis Enrique Vergara. however, Santo's first movie appearance under Vergara was a guest shot in "Blue Demon Contra El Poder Satanico" (Blue Demon Vs.The Satanic Power) filmed in August of 1964. "The Witches Attack" and "The Diabolical Hatchet" Santo's first starring film for Vergara, were shot back-to-back in December, 1964. The Witches Attack consists of three "episodes"--The Witches Attack, The Cursed Witch, and Bloody Witches' Sabbath. A great film once again, with an origen based storyline, an evil queen witch, and a diabolical axe man with much horror and superanatural elements. Uncut Spanish Version With English Subtitles starring Lorena Velasquez and Fernando Oses. 1964 B/W 95 Minutes on DVD-R.

Santo En Atacan Las Brujas (The Witches Attack) 1964

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