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Here we have another Santo film produced by Luis Enrique Vergara that has been considered a "Lost" film for over 50 years and not seen by many surfacing up on late night TV in mexico. This is an unusual film as it deals with a mad scientist digging up bodies throughout many graveyards for extracting their "Hearts" for experimenting on creating "Human Supermen". Santo, once again, comes to the rescue as the evil doctor Toicher is trying to kill Santo for his heart to create that "Perfect Superman". **NOTE** This film is a bit soft however, it does have English Subtitles, (it's the best we can get for right now). starring Fernando Oses, Gina Romand, and the wrestler "Lobo Negro" (Black Wolf). 1965 B/W 78 Minutes on DVD-R.

Santo En Profanadores De Tumba (Grave Robbers) 1965

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