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Santo in The Anoymous Death Threat, Anónimo mortal, written by Carlos Enrique Taboada (who gets billing on the main title card!), made this an interesting and well-made Santo film, although it has no fantasy elements. There is some question about the date of production of Anónimo mortal: Moisés Viñas lists it as a 1970 film, while García Riera says it was made in 1972. When men start getting assasinated in Mexico city in strange circumstances and no clear motive after an anonym note informing them of the date of their death, a friend of Santo, the silver masked (Santo El enmascarado de Plata) comes to the mexican wrestler, who dedicates his spare time to fight against criminals, for help fearing for his life as he has also received an anonym threatening his life announcing the date of his death in the very same way a previous victim was murdered. The mystery unfolds in a movie seasoned with mexican lucha libre, detectivesque intrigue and hand to hand fights. The film was shot mostly (if not entirely) on location, but doesn't look especially cheap (except that there are apparently only 6 or 7 Nazis in the whole gang, based on those we see). The Nazi HQ includes a large meeting room with a lot of (empty) chairs and some BIG swastikas on the walls and floor. Since the film was shot with a small crew using 16mm equipment, there is a lot of mobile, hand-held camerawork which adds some excitement to the action scenes but is a little shaky at other times. Except for the two arena matches, there is quite a bit of physical action in Anónimo mortal--Santo has a couple of clashes with some of the younger, beefy Nazis, but the film concentrates on detection rather than action. The cast is good--some of the faces aren't too familiar (Fernando Wagner was a stage actor and director who only made a few films), and some of the familiar ones (Carlos Suárez, Antonio Raxel, Jorge Mondragón) are relegated to bit parts. This is the Uncut Spanish Version with English Subtitles. 1975 Color 90 Minutes on DVD-R.

Santo In Anonymous Death Threat (1975)

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