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Here we have a Santo film without any "Monsters", "Vampires", or "Werewolf's". enter Secret Agent "Santo" 00-something, in his first "Action-Packed" Spy-Film. This is one of the Slickest Santo adventures, a James Bond-type film with Santo and Jorge Rivero as "Secret Agents" (they're even billed this way). Like the Bond films, this one features women in bikinis, lots of action, gadgets, international intrigue. Santo fans will be pleased that their hero finally gets decent production values, which makes "Operation 67" an excellent and entertaining film nicely put together. This is the Uncut Spanish Version that has the "Nude" dance sequence with Midori Nagashimo and also has English Subtitles, starring Jorge Rivero, and female wrestling star  Elizabeth Campbell. 1966 Color 85 Minutes on DVD-R.

Santo in Operation "67" (Operacion 67) 1966

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