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Despite a plot that combines science fiction with a "Mad Scientist" and "Zombies", "Santo in The Border of Terror" is relatively another Western Horror type film with the issues of border crossings and "Illegal Immigrants" in the U.S.. El Santo returns to help two friends who have crossed the border into Texas in hopes of making enough money to pay for little Florecita's operation to restore her eyesight, but things don't go their way when they go to work on Mr. Richard's ranch. They are captured by the evil Dr. Sombra (Dr. Shadow) who is turning Mexican immigrants into unwilling organ donors and making zombies out of them, Looks like "El Santo" will have his hands full. Starring Santo, Gerardo Reyes, and Carmen del Valle, Uncut Spanish Version with English Subtitles. 1979 Color 93 Minutes on DVD-R.

"Santo in The Border of Terror" (1979)

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