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Like "Santo Vs. The Diabolical Brain" this film has been out of circulation for many years until a video release in the 90's re-surfaced. Directed by Federico Curiel who would direct the 3 non-monster films between "Santo Vs. The Zombies" and "Santo Vs. The Vampire Women" this was the 2nd, film after "Santo Vs. The King of Crime" to be followed by "Santo Vs. The Diabolical Brain". This Santo film centers on Mexican Pyramids, a secret treasure, and a mysterious luxury hotel where women are murdered and then disappear, under strange happenings, and a scientist's lab full of "WAX" figures, enter Santo to take on the case to find all the murdered women (HINT?). This is an excellent Santo film and classified as a Mystery! Thriller!. Starring Fernando Casanova and Anna Bertha Lepe, (Lorena Velasquez's sister), Uncut Spanish Version with English Subtitles. 1961 B/W 84 Minutes on DVD-R.

Santo In The Hotel Of Death (El Hotel De La Muerte) 1961

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