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In keeping the tradition of the legendary "Crying Woman", "Wailing Woman" or "La Llorona" Mexican Horror lore, "El Santo" adds his fighting skills to take on the Mexican Horror lore in this film, "La Venganza De La Llorona" (The Vengeance of The Crying Woman) with the help of a new sidekick, Legendary Boxing Champion "Mantequilla Napoles" (Butter) as he was known in Mexico. In 1658, a beautiful woman named Eugenia discovers that her lover, by whom she had three children, is going to marry someone else, brokenhearted and scorned, she decides to make a deal with the devil to get revenge. in doing so, she poisons herself and her children, vowing to return as "La Llorona" and take every firstborn child of her lover's decendants. The time has come and "La Llorona" has returned to the present to exact her revenge. Santo, with the help of his boxer friend "Mantequilla Napoles", figures out that the only way to end "La Llororna's Curse is to retrieve the medallion from her tomb, which holds the key to a treasure she left behind, and give it to a children's charity. The clue is the medallion worn by the mummy in a cave, known as "The Crying Woman". The mummy soon comes to life and terrorizes the locals to get her medallion back. This film is recommended as the horror elements and the Legend of "La Llorona" story unfolds, we see Santo and Mantequilla Napoles fight the evil to retrieve the medallion. Starring Santo, Mantequilla Napoles, and Kikis Herrera Calles as "La Llorona" (The Crying Woman). This is the Uncut Spanish Version with English subtitles and Bonus Features to include a collection of Santo Trailers from his other films. 1974 Color 90 Minutes on DVD-R.

Santo In The Vengeance Of The Crying Woman (1974) Lucha-Horror

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