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This is one of the better-known Santo films, since it was dubbed into English by K. Gordon Murray and widely shown on late-nite television in the 60's. The dubbing isn't bad however, this the uncut original Spanish version with English Subtitles."Santo En El Museo De Cera (Santo in The Wax Museum) obviously borrows from "Mystery in The Wax Museum/House of Wax" 1933, but there are also some definite overtones of "Island of Lost Souls" 1932--Dr. Karols wax creations include some animal-men (including a boar-man), and in the final sequence he trots a whip, a la Charles Laughton. this is a great! Santo film with plenty of monster's and historical wax figures in his dungeon. Starring Claudio Brooks and Norma Mora Uncut Spanish With English Subtitles, (K. Gordon Murray English Dubbed Version is also available). 1963 B/W 92 Minutes on DVD-R.

Santo In The Wax Museum (En El Museo De Cera) 1963

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