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Santo Vs. Blue Demon in Atlantis is an entertaining science fiction thriller, which seems to have been inspired by the James Bond picture "You Only Live Twice" (1967). The film also makes liberal use of stock footage from several sources--Monster Zero, Atragon, and Godzilla Vs. The Sea Monster, three Japanese films, have been cited as contributing some of their special effects to the mix of this film. Former Nazi scientist Hugo Ulrich--threatens the world with a nuclear holocaust unless he is acknowledged as the big boss, if he gets his way the inferior people will be enslaved by his new master race. Santo and Blue must fight off the evil professor and save the world!. This is an excellent!! Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi film highly recommended!. Starring Santo, Blue Demon, and Ivan J. Rado as (Hugo), Uncut Spanish Version with English Subtitles. 1970 Color 85 Minutes on DVD-R.

Santo Vs. Blue Demon In Atlantis ( En La Atlantida ) 1970

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