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"Santo Contra Capulina" ("Saint Vs. Capulina") is an incredibly silly movie and is worth about a 7 on the 'ol quality scale. However, just because a movie is not that great does NOT mean it's not enjoyable. Like all the Santo films, it's incredibly silly, packed full of problems with the plot and not anyone's idea of sophisticated entertainment. After all, these are the supposed real life adventures of a masked luchador who NEVER takes off the mask--fighting the forces of evil while wearing a mask and a snazzy sport coat! But, I have never seen a Santo film that was boring--and this one is certainly entertaining. I should mention that the comic Capulina was one of Mexico's beloved comedian, when he teamed up with another Mexican comedian (Viruta) they were known as Mexico's version of Laurel and Hardy and made over 75 films together in the comedy field during the 50's and 60's before breaking up to go solo in the late 60's, . Although I know he's beloved in his native Mexico, his humor is something that grows on, perhaps, slapstick. I thought he was very funny, though seeing this broad comic helping Santo fight crime--now that was pretty funny. Capulina is a totally incompetent night watchman. He mostly just sleeps on the job and it's not surprising that evil has chosen to invade the warehouse during his watch. However, although this should be easy pickings, Santo shows up and beats the crap out of the baddies. And, now he has somehow gotten a new friend--Capulina. This is strange, however, as "Santo Contra Capulina" translates to either "Saint Versus Capulina" or "Saint Against Capulina"--implying that they are fighting each other. The only time this almost happens is when there is an evil robotic duplicate Capulina fighting Santo--and I actually liked this part. The trick cinematography was excellent and it did make me chuckle. As for why all this is occurring, it's all the doing of an evil madman who is trying to replace people with robots AND smuggle diamonds. It's all rather strange but it is a Santo film! I say the best thing to do is to--just enjoy the action, laugh at all the times the baddies have guns but drop them to fight with Santo and thrill to relatively fat wrestlers pummeling each other. By the way, there are some wrestling scenes, there is one small scene where Santo is in the ring with a robotic wrestler. There are female robots created by the evil madman scientist and many known wrestlers as robots fighting Santo and Capulina. This film is quite entertaining, with a Sci-Fi twist of robots fighting humans plenty of action and crime with comedy rolled in as Santo comes to the rescue. For all the "Santo" completist it's a must have. Starring Santo, Capulina, Liza Castro and, Crox Alvarado. This is the Uncut Spanish Version with English subtitles. 1968 Color 80 Minutes on DVD-R. 

Santo Vs Capulina (1968)

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