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 This is a double rarity--a Santo film that was not made with at least a nominal Mexican presence (even the Santo films shot in Colombia, Ecuador, etc., usually had some cast and crew from Mexico--in Dr. Death, only Santo's real-life manager Carlos Suárez appears briefly), and one of only 4 Santo films (and the only color one) dubbed into English. Pelimex was a company that arranged for the distribution of Mexican films overseas, so it is possible that it was made to use up Spanish funds that couldn't be taken out of the country. The English-dubbing is another mystery of sorts: I have heard that it was done in Canada however, this version is the uncut Mexican Spanish version with the English Subtitles and not the English Dubbed Version. The film is not by any means bad: the action scenes are staged quite effectively, production values are fine, the other performers are good, and the plot (although far-fetched) is imaginative. Even the theme--typical 60s-70s action music--is fun. But while Santo contra el Dr. Muerte tries to maintain fidelity to the Santo mythos--he's shown wrestling twice in real arenas, and there is one staged bout as well--within the context of a European-style spy thriller, shot in Spain. An intruder enters a Mexican art museum and, unseen by the guards, sprays a famous painting ("Los borrachos" by Velázquez) with a substance that, when the painting is uncrated back in Spain, has damaged the artwork. Famous art expert and restorer Dr. Mann is asked to work on restoring the canvas. However, Mann and his gang are behind the vandalism: using a process that involves tumors extracted from models held captive in his basement (!), Mann makes an exact copy of the painting and then "exposes" this fraud to the museum authorities. Thus, he gets to keep the original in his private collection. Santo, famous masked wrestler and international secret agent, is asked to investigate the crime, since he's scheduled to wrestle in Spain anyway. He's teamed up with Paul, another Interpol agent, who proves his worth when the two men are attacked by assassins in Santo's hotel room. After an excellent brawl, Santo and Paul triumph. They investigate Dr. Mann (Santo: "Doctor of what?" Official: "Doctor of art. And I don't know what science."), but can prove nothing, although one of Mann's live-in models (Ester) tells Paul that each time a model finishes her work, she disappears and is never heard from again. We have the horror elements here as the Evil Dr. is conducting experiments in his laboratory to extracts the tumors of the females involved for his artwork (HOW WEIRD AND STRANGE IS THAT!! A FIRST). We have the feel of a "Eurospy" film here with a bit of horror. As noted above, the fights (not the arena bouts) and action sequences in Dr. Death are very good, with a lot of punching, kicking, body slams, broken furniture, athletic falls, and so forth. We also have an Interpol agent Susan, who poses as a model to infiltrate the Doctor's Laboratory. Great Santo film! starring Santo, Carlos Romero Marchant, and Helga Line, **NOTE** This is not the English Dubbed Version but, The Uncut Spanish Version with English Subtitles (You get to hear Santo in his original voice!). 1973 Color 95 Minutes on DVD-R.

Santo Vs Doctor Death (1973)

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