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Here is an interesting entry in the "Santo Filmography" there are a couple of points worth noting. First, a significant portion of the film is set in 1765, with Santo's "ancestor" "The Caballero Enmascarado De Plata" as the hero. Dressed in a frilly colonial costume, this character wears two different masks: one a fairly plain, 3/4 face mask tied with a string (exposing only his mouth and chin), the other a glittery silver domino mask, exposing a large portion of his face. Neither mask is the full-head Santo mask we are used to seeing of Santo and, this is where an "Origen" story comes into play. The other being that Baron Brakola is actually a noble baron from the 1765 period who becomes a vampire and seeks revenge on the colonial Santo. Great!! Santo horror classic and pretty rare to find, highly recommended!. starring Santo The Silver Masked Man, Fernando Oses as Baron Brakola and, Mercedes Carreno Uncut Spanish Version With English Subtitles. 1965 B/W 77 Minutes on DVD-R.

Santo Vs El Baron Brakola 1965 Lucha Horror

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