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This film--which is also known as "Santo Contra Cerebro Del Mal"--was the very first in a long series of screen appearances for Rodolfo Guzman Huerta, "El Santo", Santo alledgedly turned down the opportunity to star in "El Enmascarado De Plata" in 1952 because he did not feel the film had much chance of success; six years later, he traveled to Cuba for his screen debut in this picture and "Hombres Infernales" (Infernal Men), both films were directed by Joselito Rodriguez and Fernando Oses who started and helped launch "Santo's" film and movie career back in 1956, and featuring Joaquin Cordero and Fernando Oses in the role of the Black Maked Luchador "El Icognito" but otherwise primarily Pre Castro Cuban Productions. "Cerebro Del Mal" is a very unusual Santo film in many ways: in the first place, Santo is never called "Santo" in the picture at all!! He is ONLY referred to as "El Enmascarado" (The Masked One), while the other masked wrestler (Fernando Oses--who has a brief dual role in the final scene) is called "El Icognito" ONCE. Santo has practically no dialogue, is given no "Origen" only referred to as "El Agente" (The Agent), and is not depicted as a professional wrestler (there are no wrestling matches or bouts in this film) Santo himself looks rather very slim compared to the later films he did after 1961. This film involves a plot by a mad scientist doctor to develop a brain-washing drug in his lab and take control over the minds of people to do his bidding, great!! film for the very first Santo highly recommended, Uncut Spanish version with English Subtitles. 1958 B/W 70 Minutes on DVD-R.

Santo Vs. The Evil Brain (Contra El Cerebro Del Mal) 1958

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