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This Santo film was shot and directed by Rene Cardona Sr. in 1969 however, it was not released until 1971. Here we have a totally different Santo picture, as it was shot in the jungles of the district of Mexico City and there are no Lucha Libre bouts in the movie. If you like (The Adventures of Jungle Jim) a film with Cannibal Headhunters, Native Voodoo Tribesmen, and a solid jungle adventure, then you will enjoy "Santo Vs. The Headhunters. This is a really good film for not being a Santo-Vs-Monsters-Vs-Aliens-Vs-Spies and plenty of Action and Adventure. Starring Santo, and Rene Cardona Sr. Uncut Spanish version With English Subtitles. 1971 Color 80 Minutes on DVD-R.

Santo Vs. The Headhunters (Cazadores de Cabezas) 1971

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